UVCA Investors Club Meeting at Veranda Na Dnepre

On September 8th, 2021, another UVCA Investors Club meeting took place. Professional investors and businessmen met to connect and review investment possibilities.

Anastasiya Giarletta, managing Partner at R42 Group (USA-UK), was invited as a guest speaker. She gave insights on deep tech: current trends in this sector, investing in scientific developments, and challenges that AI and longevity startups face today.

Then a pitch session took place, in which the following projects took part:

  • Nect WORLD - 4G-modem supporting eSIM, protected data transfer, and Wi-Fi hotspot;
  • Geekle – international online platform for IT specialists to learn;
  • Payris – e-commerce platform, personalized for buyers and taking into account their wishes;
  • A project of an electricity plant, that generates energy out of biomass (timber waste);
  • CarBar – innovative service of owning a car by subscription;
  • ОМО – multifunction system of a “smart home” for apartment buildings.

The audience found the presented projects very interesting.

The meeting went in a business, yet friendly spirit, which was followed by a tasty meal by “Veranda Na Dnepre”. The investors had the opportunity to communicate with the representatives of the projects presented, exchange opinions, and network on future joint projects.

The number of members of the Club is quickly growing.

KMBS Alumni Club has joined us as a partner and co-organizers. SD Capital, Capital Times, Digital Future, and other leading Ukraine investment market players are among the new members of the Club.

We are continuing work on increasing our community.

UVCA Investors Club is a unique community that gives you the confidence in the success of your investment. We don’t just assess startups, we choose the ones that have proven their worth and profitability. We are also glad to be a part of the biggest community of investors in Ukraine. We are leveraging this opportunity to form new partnerships and exchange ideas. And, of course, every meeting is a pleasant evening among leaders of the market.

says Dmytro Kuzmenko, CEO of UVCA.

We will be hosting new Investment Club meetings continuously. The next opportunity to network with market leaders and get your hands on new promising projects will take place soon.

We guarantee it will be a blast!

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