UVCA Investors Club DEMO-DAYS, May 19-20th, 2022

Ukraine is facing one of the worst things that could happen to a country - a war.

The greatest challenge our nation has faced in decades.

But we believe in Ukraine, and we believe in the indomitable spirit of Ukrainians.

And we also believe in their entrepreneurial spirit. And support it.

As you may already know, UVCA together with the Free Ukraine Foundation launched the «Support Ukrainian Startups NOW» program aiming to provide aid for startups and specialists that are a part of the Ukrainian startup community and whose innovative business needs help right now.

To date, more than 20 startups have received grants from the Program. On top of it, almost 100 startups were given opportunities to raise funds and receive additional assistance in their activities.

And now we want to present their solutions and achievements, to draw your attention to the most promising startups and most skilled teams, and to receive your feedback in order to improve their projects.

📢 We are glad to announce the UVCA Investors Club DEMO-DAYS, the series of pitch-sessions for startups participating in our Program.

It will last for two days - May 19 and May 20, starting at 6 pm Kyiv time.

Every day we are going to present 15 startups that develop innovative solutions in different fields - CRM, SaaS, applications, marketing tools, various useful devices, space rockets, eco-batteries, smart home systems and more.

Learn more about the event here.

There will be no judges, no grades and awards, just startup teams and their innovative solutions.

🎯 If you are interested in this event please let us know by filling in the Form: https://bit.ly/3NpICkz

Don’t hesitate to register! The number of slots is limited!

See you!