Business Angel School

9th edition of the Business Angel Leadership Program

We are happy to share that Baltic Sandbox, with active support and participation of UVCA, is launching Business Angels School.

Every angel investor and future angel is looking for the best deals on the market.

  • How to get them?
  • How to exit from x10 to x100?
  • Is it possible to exit in less than a year after a deal?


Business Angel Leadership Program is an educational program that provides hands-on experience to emerging business angels.

Angels and investors will explore a systemic overview of the EU venture ecosystem, angel investment profiling and strategies, a variety of frameworks for startup evaluation, and enjoy networking with startups, investors and experts.

The program's guest speaker list includes industry professionals from all over Europe: Super Angels and angels, BANs, Investment Leaders and VCs.

What is Business Angel Leaders Program?

✅ An educational 5-week program that provides hands-on knowledge to the experienced and future business angels

✅ The unique methodology that combines theory and practice

✅ Different frameworks for angel investors that they can use while building their portfolio

✅ The network of other angels and follow-up events/meetings

Goals of the program:

  • Get hands-on experience in venture investing
  • Build angel investment profile, dealflow and network, partnerships for deals
  • Learn to lead or syndicate deals
  • Become a part of Pan-European angel investors ecosystem

What to expect

Our program is designed to provide theory and practice through 5 weeks of intense training.

By combining workshops, fireside chats with angels and VCs, pitch events, mentorship, and individual sessions, we ensure to convey a real practical experience, while covering initial gaps in understanding venture capital, and providing useful frameworks.

Rich networking with EU ecosystem participants allows angels to start building their dealflow and investment partnerships straight away.

Program’s graduates will be able to:

✅ Evaluate startups using different methodologies

✅ Create their personal angel profile

✅ Build a personal portfolio

✅ Apply the frameworks of collaboration with startups

✅ Use the frameworks of syndication and co-investment

✅ Negotiate different investment conditions to startups

✅ Lead or co-lead deals

Learn from the market leaders:

Our guest speakers are industry professionals from all over Europe:

  • Superangels and angels
  • BANs
  • Investment leaders
  • VCs

Program's graduates will be invited to join the Business Angel School Alumni network: 90+ alumni, as well as over a 100 of leading angels, VCs, investment platforms and initiatives.