UVCA Supervisory Board Re-election 202007 Dec 2020

The re-election of UVCA Board members is organized annually in accordance with the UVCA Charter. UVCA Members may nominate one official representative per member-organization.

Main principles of the Board re-election:

  • Supervisory Board consists of up to 9 members
  • Supervisory Board Members are elected by Full and Network Members (1 organization – 1 vote)
  • Full, Associate, and Network Members can nominate their candidates to the Supervisory Board
  • New SB members will be elected by a majority vote
  • The votes will be counted by the Counting Committee that comprises of UVCA Legal Committee co-chairs and Executive Director
  • If several members receive the same number of votes, the second election will be held between candidates in a draw.

The voting is held by email. If you haven’t received the voting link, please email pm@uvca.eu

Please see 12 candidates who are running for the Supervisory Board this year.

*Click photos to see candidates’ profiles