UVCA Supervisory Board 2021 Is Elected27 Dec 2020

Annual election to the Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (UVCA) Supervisory Board took place, according to UVCA's Charter.

The voting process is over. The members of the 2021 Supervisory Board are as follows:

Of the twelve experts and active participants in the venture capital industry, nine were selected from among the member companies of the Association.

The desire to bring international expertise to Ukraine has brought 30% of members of the new Board while the rest 70% are representatives from Ukraine.

This year was like no other, a stress test for business models, markets, but mostly teams and their ability to adapt, pivot and find unexpected solutions. It showed what organizations and support ecosystem really needs. We are happy to continue developing Ukrainian market together with UVCA.

said Alexander Galitsky, co-Founder and Managing Partner at Almaz Capital

I am delighted to be joining UVCA Supervisory Board on behalf of Horizon Capital in 2021. I am firmly committed to raising profile of the private equity and venture capital asset class in Ukraine among entrepreneurs and the business community, and ready to contribute within the PE and VC community to work together to achieve common goals beneficial to our industry. I look forward to the productive year ahead!

Dmytro Boroday, Principal at Horizon Capital.

I’m delighted to continue supporting the Ukrainian Startup Ecosystem as a member of the UVCA Supervisory Board Member in 2021 and a bridge to Silicon Valley. In the last several years, Ukrainian founders have made tremendous progress on the world stage. We are now starting to see measurable results in the form of growing revenue, category leadership, and growing investment from top tier VCs. I expect the roaring 20s will catapult Ukraine into one of the leading ecosystems in the world.

Vitaly M. Golomb, Partner at Drake Star Partners

The Association was established to improve the business and investment climate of Ukraine, to protect the rights and interests of investors, and to expand private investment opportunities in Ukraine.

UVCA brings startups and investors together and helps Ukrainian startups achieve new heights and become new unicorns.

UVCA's plans for 2021 are even more ambitious - stay tuned for more and visit our Facebook page at facebook.com/uvca.eu