UVCA Startup Acceleration And Business Support Committees Launch08 Aug 2021

UVCA Startup Acceleration Committee

UVCA Startup Acceleration Committee coordinates and promotes the activities of the UVCA members in the area of incubation and acceleration of startup projects in various stages, namely:

  • providing training and mentorship to aspiring startup founders and early-stage projects,
  • conducting private, corporate, institutional startup incubation and acceleration programs,
  • attracting investments into early-stage startups and funds,
  • advocating proactive changes, promoting development, and implementing industry standards in the startup ecosystem of Ukraine,
  • hosting startup-related events, such as masterclasses, workshops, conferences, contests, hackathons etc.,
  • participating in startup-related events hosted by third parties in Ukraine and abroad,
  • establishing and maintaining partnerships with Ukrainian and foreign institutions working on startup incubation and acceleration.

Committee Members

Membership in the committee is open for all UVCA members.

Committee Management

UVCA Startup Acceleration Committee is jointly managed by the Executive Director of UVCA and by a co-chairman appointed by the Executive Director of UVCA.

Committee Co-chairs: Dmitry Kuzmenko, CEO of UVCA, and Sergiy Kalinchuk, Local Leader (Ukraine) at Founder Institute (member of UVCA).


  • The committee shall define the principles, the policies, and the actions of the UVCA within the area of its responsibility.
  • The committee shall meet at least four times per year. Committee members are to attend all meetings or provide a representative.
  • The committee shall host public meetings at least one time per year, discussing topics within the area of its responsibility.
  • The committee can initiate projects that will be open for participation to all UVCA members. The projects can be defined as internal if their scope falls into the area of responsibility of the committee, otherwise the other relevant UVCA committees must be involved.
  • The committee shall review all startup projects coming to the UVCA from public channels or directed to the committee by the UVCA members or other UVCA committees and suggest proper acceleration and/or incubation programs from those available from its members, if required.


As members of the Startup Acceleration Committee, we agree to make every effort to ensure that the Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (UVCA) established and maintains its leadership positions in supporting early startup projects and aspiring founders, makes prompt and sound decisions regarding startup projects and participates actively in the development of startup ecosystem of Ukraine.

UVCA Business Support Committee

The Business Support Committee was established to help ensure the sustainability, efficiency and development of existing businesses and companies in the early stages of development in Ukraine. The primary goal of the committee is to provide exclusive conditions for cooperation for the members of the Association and to support the portfolio companies of UVCA members. The Committee is also open to cooperation and provision of a full range of high quality services at the external request of the Association's partners: companies preparing to seek investment, planning M&A, in need of qualified advice after a successful round of investment or wanting to improve their business processes and market communication.

Key activities of the Committee include a range of quality partner services in the following areas:

  • Supplier research in IT and related industries, outsourcing consulting. Resource optimization using outsourcing, risk reduction and prediction, establishment of external delegation processes.
  • Operations consulting. Analysis, evaluation and forming of reliable and functional structures, qualitative and sustainable business processes.
  • Strategic consulting. Conducting strategic sessions and advising on strategic planning.
  • Mentoring of founders and C-level. Development and strengthening of operational management and strategic planning positions. Audit, evaluation, recommendations and support.
  • Independent technical audit and technical consulting. Solution architecture. In cases of rapid product growth or further development from the MVP stage, customer-contractor disputes, supplier changes, M&A preparation or investment.
  • Cybersecurity. GDPR-compliance, compliance with current ISO and other possible requirements, business continuity management and security audit.

Our main task is to create new and increase the existing value and efficiency of business through the establishment of management processes, strategy, technical support and optimization of resources. Supporting ambitious ideas, helping to transform them into successful growing businesses and building business partnerships is our significant contribution to the creation of a favorable investment ecosystem in Ukraine.

Committee Management

Committee Co-chairs: Dmitry Kuzmenko, CEO of UVCA, and Vladislav Kostik, Founder of The Arbridge (member of UVCA).