UVCA Investors Club Launch15 Jun 2021

We are pleased to announce the restart of the Investors Club and on this occasion, we are initiating the event at which the Investors Club presentation and the first Club meeting will take place.

THE UVCA INVESTORS CLUB (The Club) aims to further popularize the principles and mechanisms of venture investing in Ukraine, develop this directly with the involvement of Ukrainian retail investors and business angels, promote Ukrainian technological businesses - startups at the world level.

The main tasks of the Club will be:

  • attracting investments in investment projects of later development stages (UVCA members' or partners' portfolio projects),
  • attracting business angels and retail investors to participate in syndicate deals together with representatives of investment funds and corporations,
  • training and support of starting investors,
  • supporting outstanding Ukrainian entrepreneurs,
  • development of the startup ecosystem in general.

📅 The first meeting will take place during its presentation. The format will be different from classic startup competitions. The competition, as such, will not take place, and there will be no jury. The goal of the projects will not be a victory, but an announcement of an offer that will interest the investors present.

The main difference is that the project's presentation is attended by both the founder of the project and the existing investor or the fund representative who invested in the project. Thus, potential investors will receive more objective information on the project, its financial indicators, and development dynamics.

Another difference is that the advantage will be given to projects in the Association members' portfolios to help reduce future investors' risks.

At Investors Club, preference will be given to syndicate deals, with the participation of a strong experienced lead investor among the Association members and retail investors as partners.

The event will take place on July 1, 2021 at 16.30 Kyiv time.

Venue: Equides club park and hotel complex

🔔 Participation in the event may be accepted by those who received a personal invitation or are a member of an organization / company that is an active member of the UVCA Association.

We would like to thank the sponsors of the project - members of UVCA: ICU Ventures, AVentures Capital, and Startup.Network.

In order to receive a personal invitation, write or call the UVCA CEO Dmitry Kuzmenko, mail: ceo@uvca.eu, tel.: + 380674032069