UVCA has chosen the best startups to recommend for accelerator program SkyDeck, Berkeley, CA15 Mar 2018

As previously announced, The Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (UVCA) and the global SkyDeck accelerator at American University of Berkeley have agreed on a strategic partnership to support Ukrainian startups.

According to the results of the first spring selection, which lasted from 1st March, was chosen two startups that get recommendation from UVCA to participate in the accelerator. We are glad to introduce the winners:

1. Flawless App - macOS app for visual quality check right inside iOS simulator. Flawless App helps teams easily spot visual differences between design and implementation right inside iOS simulator. With Flawless App mobile teams can make polished and nice looking apps.

2. Cardiomo - Wearable technology for health monitoring and heart diseases prevention. Cardiomo provides real time data that enable users to monitor the health status anytime and anywhere. The system for health monitoring includes wireless ECG monitor and analyzing platform which can detect heart diseases on early stages with the help of AI. Being feature-rich device, Cardiomo provides non-stop health monitoring that helps prevent most of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

Summing up, startups recommended for Berkeley from UVCA will get:

  • Companies automatically go through the first round to the interview stage;
  • Participation in the preparatory webinar with the program director;
  • Special conditions of participation - there is no need to be a student or graduate of Berkeley (one of the main points that previously became an obstacle to participating in the accelerator).

We received 30 applications for the contest and, interestingly, 22 of them are rather little-known projects. SkyDeck accelerator runs twice a year and the Association will be able to recommend startups on a regular basis. Therefore, we will be able to get acquainted with them till autumn set and maybe recommend them to the next program.