UVCA Investors Club at Young Business Club28 Jul 2021

On July 29th, 2021, the first partner event of UVCA Investors Club. The Club has visited Young Business Club.

YBC is a private community of young entrepreneurs who have united with a common goal of cooperation and making positive changes in the business ecosystem. This is an international club that includes more than 1250 members from more than 30 countries.

UVCA Investors Club took part in the monthly YBC event - evaluating investment propositions, where the members of the Club are evaluating the applications received and decide on investment attractiveness of the projects.

Three projects from UVCA took part in the event:

  • Wider Multivision. It is a unique visualization solution, projection monoblock with panoramic screen and highly productive equipment inside. Laser projection technology allows high resolution and contrast, as well as safety for your eyes while long exposure.
  • CarBar - CaaS (car-as-a-service), innovative service that offers you to get a car without buying it and avoid spending time on its service. CarBar does everything needed in regards to buying, service, and technical support. You only pay for gas. This service successfully combines the best of a lease and concierge service. Getting the car you want has never been this easy before.
  • FilmUstage is a project that helps save cost on a whole team or assistants. Thanks to an AI algorithm Filmustage can break down scenes in a film within seconds. This saves time on routine tasks and helps cut the costs significantly.

Not one of the presented projects has left the attendees indifferent. The meeting ended in evaluating the projects and talking about future cooperation.

Which project gets an investment proposal, we'll know shortly!

We hope this visit turns into a tradition and help further develop the Ukrainian business community.

UVCA Investors Club would like to sincerely thank YBC and its leader, Kostyantyn Golubyatnikov for having us!

Join UVCA Investors Club and you'll be able to take part in such meetings, talks with market experts, invest in the best startup, join a syndicate deal or propose your own investment option for your chosen project.

In order to join the Club, write or call the UVCA CEO Dmitry Kuzmenko, mail: ceo@uvca.eu, tel.: + 380674032069