UVCA became part of Global Venture Capital Congress (GVCC)23 Apr 2018

Recently for the first time Ukrainian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association has joined Global Venture Capital Congress (GVCC). The first (for UVCA) meeting took place on April 9-11 in Sydney (Australia) with CEOs and Chairs of 14 national associations, as well of Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA), The Emerging Markets Private Equity Association (EMPEA); Silicon Valley Bank, Proskauer Rose LLP, SS&C PE Services. Ukraine was represented by Olga Afanasyeva, Executive director of UVCA.

It was a honor for me to introduce Ukrainian investment market to global community. Our Association was the youngest one in the community, but despite of this fact, our achievements have excited the participants. It was interesting to find out that having different country backgrounds, the length of associations, we all have similar problems to face and experience to obtain. For example, Hong Kong VCA recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, while UVCA is being almost 4 years old.

Congress participants markets can be interesting both for Ukrainian investors and entrepreneurs. But the main goal is to invite international investors (also from these countries) to make deals with Ukrainian funds, UVCA members, in Ukrainian companies and startups.

Olga Afanasyeva
Executive Director of UVCA

The Congress actively supports the world’s private capital and entrepreneurial economy through the sharing of common issues and ideas, the discussion of regional differences and opportunities for collaboration. It is comprised of delegations from private equity and venture capital associations around the world and serves as the collective global voice for the industry on issues of public policy, research, communications and market trends.

GVCC has been successfully running since 2010, with previous meetings being held in the United States, Israel, Ireland, Hong Kong, Brazil and Canada to discuss the issues and opportunities that we all share as we seek to improve the environment for investment, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Theme of this year event was “Limited Partners involvement in the Private Equity and Venture Capital Community”. Also delegates discussed topical aspects of national VC&PE associations, like bringing more value to members, engaging them in association’s activities, government Involvement in VC and PE and its effect.

All the participants of Global Venture Capital Congress (GVCC) meeting 2018: