Ukrainian IT: Meeting with new Prime Minister 11 Sep 2019

On September 4, Prime Minister Oleksiy Goncharuk and Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov met with representatives of the IT industry. At this meeting, two key initiatives were presented: a new tax scheme for the next 10 years and the Human Capital Development Fund - IT Creative.

The proposed human capital development fund, according to the statement, should be led by representatives of IT companies and should solve the problem of shortage and outflow of professionals in IT. The money will go toward scholarships for young talented people who want to study; grants for scientists; to joint projects of the IT industry and universities.

Serhiy Verlanov, Head of the State Tax Service, spoke about the transition to the new taxation format.

During the meeting, Andriy Kolodyuk, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Ukrainian Venture and Private Equity Association and its Executive Director Olga Afanasieva, expressed the expectations of the Association members, in particular, regarding the creation of the Fund of Funds - as a tool for attracting $ 500 million of investments in more than 1000 startups.

They also offered assistance in organizing a business visit of representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, including the Prime Minister, and President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to Silicon Valley to establish close relations with international investors and technological giants, which will help create a positive image of Ukraine as an innovative country.

The proposals were welcomed by the Government. Therefore, we look forward to an effective continuation of dialogue and cooperation!