Ukraine discovery tour 201715 May 2017

In the time when a great shift is taking place in Ukraine and transforming the minds and values of Ukrainians, animportant mission is to show this positive change to the world’s leading society. Thus on May 11-14, the UkraineDiscovery Tour took the place, being conducted for the third time. Organizers, Global Shapers Kyiv Hub and UkrainianVenture Capital and Private Equity Association (UVCA) created an amazing program for participants from all aroundthe world to show the private side of our country, which is most often unseen by visiting delegations.

Global Shapers (network founded by the World Economic Forum), Young Global Leaders (community of over 800enterprising, socially minded men and women selected under the age of 40) and guests, invited at the Ukrainian Davos Nights 2017 became the participants of the Tour. In four days visit, guests met with Ukrainian business leaders,social activists, media representatives, IT gurus and other extraordinary and unique people from different sectorsand industries, visited leading IT and services companies, parliament, organizations, attended Eurovision andexplored Ukrainian culture.

In frames of the Tour UVCA held the panel discussion with its members, revealing the topics:

  • Overview of the IT and Tech market in Ukraine, Investors and Ukrainian investment reality by Olga Afanasyeva (Executive Director of UVCA)
  • International funds and corporation: why Ukraine? Vitaly M. Golomb (Investment Lead​ at HP Tech Ventures)
  • AgTech development in Ukraine by Tom O'Callaghan (Director at Borsch Ventures Agro)
  • Most popular areas to invest in Ukraine (AI, AR/VR, etc.) by Andrey Kolodyuk (Founder and Managing Partner at AVentures)

Fostering experiences exchange, UVCA network is steadily taking part in its projects. This time UVCA members –Ciklum and 1991 Open Data Incubator – held the receptions for Ukraine Discovery Tour participants, presenting theface of Ukrainian IT and Open Data sectors as disruptive competitive spheres of development in Ukraine.

At the same time other UVCA members joined meeting with the delegation and transferred their vision of differentdirections of Ukrainian IT sector: outsourcing, R&D, e-commerce and software technologies.

«We are very honored to be co-organizers of the Ukraine Discovery Tour and host prominent world’s leaders at UVCA’sevents. Building bridges between our country and international community, we find it to be a crucial thing – toconvey the right message and show the real positive image of Ukrainian business and investment ecosystem. By havingsuch projects as this one we held, we recieve the real opportunity to prove that it is worthwhile to Invest inUkraine»

Olga Afanasyeva
Executive Director of UVCA.