The Ukrainian Days at London Tech Week 201930 Jun 2019

The Ukrainian Days at London Tech Week 2019 took place during 11-13 of June and included two main activities: British-Ukrainian Tech Night and a booth “Ukraine Tech” at the exhibition TechXLR8. In both of them UVCA was engaged.

British-Ukrainian Tech Night gathered around 200 visitors with British startups, corporates, investors, and ecosystem players among them. The speakers presenting Ukraine as Europe’s promising tech hub at the event were leaders of successful Ukrainian tech companies and startups - Grammarly, Sigma Software, YouTeam, Competera, Cardiolyse, RAWR, YouControl, Whooshi, UGears, Costless – as well as prominent experts engaged in promotion of Ukrainian tech around the world - Daniel Bilak, Chairman of UkraineInvest, Russ Shaw, Founder of Tech London Advocates, Christian Ahlert, CEO of Minibarlabs.

British-Ukrainian Tech night brought many new business connections and interesting conversations for its participants. The guests kept networking over two hours after the event, sharing ideas and discussing opportunities.


London Tech Week’s flagship event TechXLR8 revolutionizes business by connecting people and technologies driving transformation. Over 300 exhibitors at 2019 exhibition presented the broader tech ecosystem promoting new contacts and opportunities, revealing new tech resources, and fueling the business revolution. The exhibition showcased European tech beyond London, Paris, and Berlin – and Ukraine gained a footing at this map.

Ukraine Tech Booth united representatives of 9 Ukrainian IT companies: Sigma Software, Competera Pricing Platform, Ugears, Grammarly, Sannacode, Unicsoft, TechMagic, AllStars-IT Ukraine, RAWR. The companies presented their innovative ideas, tech products and services; received numerous requests for new and existing products; and attracted the interest of many of 21 thousand visitors of the exhibition.