Second Angel Investing Day by UVCA & ESIL24 Dec 2019

Taking an active position in development of Ukraine's innovative ecosystem and based on a previous positive collaboration experience with the support of ESIL organized the second Angel Investing Day.

As business angel networks are becoming increasingly popular and having access to like-minded business angels and crowdfunders across Europe greatly increases the potential for cross-border investment this time Ukrainian audience had a chance to meet two experienced and influential persons of Angel Investors market at once.

According to the data of newly added to our annual market report paragraph, angel investments are one of the vital financing sources for early stage startups but still underdeveloped in Ukraine. So we initiated cooperation with ESIL to fill this gap with leading European expertise and make deals like $24M GoBeyond investments in startups happen more often in Ukraine.

Olga Afanasyeva
Executive Director, Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association

The first special guest was Luigi Amati - one of the founders of Italian Angels for Growth, the largest angel group in Italy, and the President of Business Angels Europe. Chairman of META Ventures, an investment company with over €100M under management, of which over €60M has already been invested in more than 60 companies. With more than twenty-five years’ worth of expertise in research, innovation and venture capital, Luigi Amati has a unique perspective on the overall entrepreneurial ecosystem.Here you can learn more about his professional achievements.

In his speech, Luigi Amati focused on building up an angel group, national association with personal experience as well as developing co-investments, collaboration between VCs and Business angels.

The second speaker was well-known entrepreneur-turned-investor Bas Godska, General Partner Acrobator Ventures, Dutch €40mn tech fund with a focus on the CIS/CEE region. He is a #1 Foreign Angel Investor CIS (EWDN), #1 Dutch Angel Investor and Top 50 EU Angel Investor (Crunchbase), active in Tech worldwide - since 2000 his personal investments include 14 tech startups in EU, CIS and USA with overall portfolio company value ~$350 mln. Total funds raised: >$75 mln.

Bas Godska shared his experience on how he turned his 10-year angel investing experience into a Venture Fund.

It was great fun to have an interactive session with the bright audience that gathered at the Ukrainian Venture Capital Association’s Angel Investing Day. I enjoyed interesting questions and useful discussions during the break and afterwards.
My big compliments to the UVCA event organizers for the ongoing ecosphere-building efforts to reach the next stage in local angel investing. I am happy to be involved and invited to the events.

Bas Godska
General Partner Acrobator Ventures

Special thanks to Konstantin Karpushin, Partner, KPMG in Ukraine, for sharing his own experience of consulting international and Ukrainian companies and for being our venue partner of the event –KPMG Ukraine.

This is the second event organized by UVCA with the support of ESIL. On October 22, at the invitation of the Association, Brigitte Baumann, the founder of an investment company GoBeyond operating in France, the United Kingdom, the United States and Switzerland, European Angel Investor of the Year, with 20 years of experience in bringing new technologies to the market in the United States and Europe, visited Kyiv.

While access to alternative financing is among the ambitious plans for Ukrainian officials UVCA sees its role in attracting the leading European expertise to create sufficient infrastructure in Ukraine.

ESIL (Early-Stage Investing Launchpad) is the EU-funded platform. It promotes private investors, improves the innovation and investment environment in over 40 countries and for the first time came to Ukraine with the support of UVCA.

Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (UVCA) has been established in mid-2014 by the example of the European Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (InvestEurope), and currently unites more that 50 members - private equity and venture funds, accelerators, incubators, educational institutions, and non-government organisations that make significant impact on the development of Ukrainian investment market. Association promotes investment opportunities in Ukraine for foreign investment funds, conducts market research, lobbies laws for improving investment and business climate, implements Invest in Ukraine activity.