Meet Our New CEO18 Jul 2021

UVCA is excited to introduce our new CEO - Dmytro Kuzmenko.

Dmytro is opening a new chapter in our story, and leading new projects that will expand our reach even more.

Dmytro has over 10 years of experience in the investment and finance sphere – retail lending, investment banking (mortgage assets), venture investments on different stages (from angel investments till rounds), high-tech startups (management and acceleration).

Dmytro specializes in venture investments, syndicate investments (retail investors), high-tech startups validation and analysis, team management.

With a deep knowledge of Ukrainian venture investments market, he is able to conduct a high-quality analysis of current situation, existing trends and activities, main players and stakeholders.

Also Dmytro has some experience as a commercial officer, business development officer.

Dmytro graduated from Sumy State University. Holds IPFM Certification (financial management).