Invest in Ukraine opportunities discussed at a Closed Door Investor-Only Roundtable held in Davos during WEF20 Jan 2023

Ukraine is growing as an investment attraction and is preparing for massive investments already in 2023.

On January 18th, during the World Economic Forum in Davos, big international institutional and venture funds came together to discuss rebuilding Ukraine initiatives and current opportunities of investing in Ukrainian businesses.

Investor-Only Roundtable was initiated by the Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (UVCA) in partnership with Aventures Capital.

Among participants there were such well-known and recognized funds as J.P.Morgan, Morgan Stanley, ff Venture Capital, PensionDanmark and other investors.

The roundtable discussed the UVCA Redevelopment Plan that highlights the opportunity to attract capital to 12 Ukrainian-focused venture funds who are members of UVCA. Placing capital to Funds, already operating in the country and having the background knowledge and insider information can be an easy and effective way of entering such a complicated, but very promising market as Ukraine.

The war is not over yet, but most forward thinking venture capitalists are already preparing to join the first wave of those, who will benefit from the resources and opportunities of Ukraine, the country that surprised the world with its resilience, integrity, bravery, creativity and the will to succeed in 2022.

Aside from macroeconomic support, we are focusing on joint investments initiated by the private sector in Ukraine and UVCA matching investment platform for joint ventures. We shouldn't wait for the Marshall`s Plan or the end of war, we have to act now together with the international investment community.

said Andriy Kolodyuk,

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of UVCA.

The participants of the roundtable supported the idea of co-investing with ukrainian-focused funds that are continuing their activities in the current conditions. Co-investing is an additional way to balance the risks, joining the insiders of the market, already well aware of the situation, its risks and opportunities.

Additionally a variety of privatization initiatives and opportunities from the State Property Fund of Ukraine were presented and very well received by investors. Ukraine for the first time showed such openness for international business, providing access to resources and possibility to use this space as a testbed for the most innovative solutions.

Overall, participation in the implementation of various innovative rebuilding and recovery projects in Ukraine was estimated at a $1 trillion opportunity. Negotiations as to who will join the first wave of those, benefitting from this market, are still ongoing.