Introducing Ukrainian Venture Capital And Private Equity Association (UVCA)20 Sep 2021

Disclaimer: it’s a longread, but a good one :)

Lately, while visiting investment events and talking to industry representatives, startup founders, and angel investors, I hear the question “What is UVCA? What do you do?”.

I’m not surprised by the question coming up. A lot has happened during the last year; we had to overcome the challenges brought by COVID, rebuild communication methods, and move to online from the good old offline. But a lot of new ideas appeared, as well as a lot of new projects, many new entrepreneurs have come to the arena and are going for success.

So I decided to re-introduce UVCA (Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association) to the market and tell you more about what we do. So, let’s dive into it.

The Association was established in 2014 by big Ukrainian investment market players.

UVCA’s mission is to spread the word of Ukraine’s potential and it’s investment opportunities, international cooperation on business and government levels, as well as support of investors interested in taking up new opportunities in financing Ukrainian projects or currently investing in Ukraine.

At the moment, UVCA consists of 50 members: investment funds, family offices, investment companies, global consulting companies, incubators, accelerators, private investors, service companies.

  • UVCA is, in a way, an umbrella for all the players of Ukrainian investment market - from entrepreneurs and startups, to venture funds and direct investment funds. We improve Ukrainian investment and business climate in general.

  • UVCA is a NGO thus not involved in any commercial interactions of its Members. We do help them solve their pain points, within our competence.

  • UVCA serves as the communicator between its Members and the government - we take part in investment legislation development and its amendment. The latest case is Diia City legislation - we have submitted a whole package of edits most of which were accepted.

  • UVCA is a competent player on the international cooperation arena - we are authorized to conduct all kinds of international cooperation negotiations and cooperation with international investment institutions and partner organizations.

  • UVCA is an extremely broad base of knowledge, expertise, and skill.

What are the most exciting activities we’re doing at the moment?

First, we organize and take part in such projects, like Ukraine House Davos, Ukraine Tech at CES, Ukraine Discovery Tours, VC TOURS to Silicon Valley, DEALROOM UKRAINE, Business Angels School, and many others.

Second, we organize and take part in many research projects such as Annual Ukraine Investments Overview, Investors Book, EU4DIGITAL FACILITY, IFC VC Market Assessment, Business Leaders by KPMG, and other international and local research projects including the ones by the government.

Third, we organize and take part in a huge number of events such as investment conferences, startup competitions, meetings with experts of the investment market, projects selection to international investment competitions, meetings with famous entrepreneurs, etc.

In addition, UVCA Investors Club was relaunched in the summer of 2021. The Investors Club brings startups and investors together by ongoing open and closed meetings, and gives many new investment opportunities.

And finally, we’re constantly working on improving the business and investment climate in Ukraine, taking part in legislation amendment, and working groups of the government body. This activity is less public and long-term focused, but we have to do this. Who else, if not us?

In conclusion, I’d like to add that we are always open to fruitful local and international cooperation.

We are doing our very best to improve the Ukrainian investment ecosystem, welcome all the initiatives aimed to improve the investment and business climate, and always promote Ukraine as a country with huge investment potential and lots of talented people!

To learn more about us, visit our website at, our Facebook and LinkedIn pages, and visit our public events.

Join us!

Dmytro Kuzmenko, CEO UVCA

🎯 Email us at for more details.