Free Ukraine Foundation by UVCA and European Partners08 Mar 2022

Andrey Kolodyuk, UVCA Supervisory Board Chairman, Founder at AVentures Capital, together with our European partners, have created Free Ukraine Foundation to carry out the following activities:

1.Assistance to refugees from Ukraine, in particular those who wish to receive assistance in the Benelux countries - Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg- and the rest of Europe.

2. Providing humanitarian aid to the Armed Forces, Territorial defense forces and ordinary people who remain in Ukraine.

3. Information support - media platform for news from hot spot Ukraine in Ukrainian, English, German, French and other world languages. Creating content for distribution on TV channels around the world.

4. Carrying out special measures for psychological assistance to all Ukrainian people in need.

5. Setting up cooperation with educational institutions to create opportunities for young people to receive education and lectures.

6. Carrying out activities to mobilize the entire world community to strive for peace. We want to live in a world without war.

7. Cooperation with all international and donor organizations in the above areas - the creation of joint projects, participation in joint projects.

8. Cooperation with representatives of public authorities and local governments in order to create and decide on special working requirements for companies from Ukraine in the world, in particular for companies in IT / technology sector.

9. Creation of an international labor platform, creation of jobs in Ukraine.

10. We aim to engage Investment, Tech and business communities worldwide to help Ukraine by any means.

To implement these areas, our Foundation creates the necessary organizational structures and is looking for partners!

We appreciate your help and support.

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