First Meeting of UVCA Investors Club30 Jun 2021

On July 1st, at Equides club, UVCA Investors Club was presented.

We know that Ukrainian market needs to support retail investors and business angels, and this support needs to come from bigger players, professionals of the market. That’s why we created UVCA Investors Club.

The main goal of UVCA Investors’ Club is popularization of principles and mechanisms of venture investments in Ukraine, its development by attracting angel and retail investors, and promotion of Ukrainian tech startups on the global arena.

Uniqueness of the project is in the possibility for investors to gain more insight into the project of interest from other investors involved in it. This format allows analyzing more info on the project, weighing all pros and cons, and asking all the difficult questions of the project’s management.

Main attention will be given to projects in the portfolio of the Association’s members, which allows to decrease risks to future investors. Also, preference will be given to syndicates - one of the forms of co-investment that allows beginner investors take part in projects together with lead investors.

The participants of the first meeting of the Club are on board with this plan. Their opinion was that we have opened a new era in the development of the Ukrainian investment ecosystem.

UVCA is a huge part of the Ukrainian investment ecosystem. We support the creation of UVCA Investors Club, and we consider this a big investment into the Ukrainian investment ecosystem.

said Roman Nikitov, co-head of venture investments at ICU Ventures.

The launch of the Club and it’s openness to all the market players, not only UVCA members, is a logical step in the Association’s work on improving business and investment climate in Ukraine on the 7-year path. Participation in the Club’s activities gives the opportunity to invest in the projects of our members - professional investors to all the other investors regardless of their experience and the amount of investment they are ready to make. We invest in Ukraine and invite you to join us!

says Andrii Koloduyk, Chairman, UVCA Supervisory Board,

Founder and Managing Partner, AVentures Capital.

Our Club is already working. It already unites more than 50 members - members of UVCA which are by default members of the Club. We are creating the future, so - join us!

says Dmytro Kuzmenko, acting CEO of UVCA.

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