Discussion "So, what’s up in Davos?"13 Feb 2019

On Wednesday, February 13, the discussion "So, what’s up in Davos?" took place at 1991 Civic Tech Center.

The panel discussion was attended by speakers and guests of the Ukraine House Davos and the organizers:

  • Olga Afanasyeva, Executive Director of Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association
  • Lenna Koszarny, Founding Partner and CEO of Horizon Capital
  • Andriy Kolodyuk, Founder and Managing Partner of AVentures Capital
  • Kira Rudik, COO of Ring Ukraine.
  • Andriy Tsymbal, Managing Partner of KPMG Ukraine.

The Panellists discussed the general trends of the World Economic Forum and the Ukraine House project, which was held for the second time in history during the WEF. The guests shared their thoughts on why the organization of Ukraine House Davos is important for the country; what contribution does this project make to promote our country on the international arena as a country of "Creativity, Innovation, Opportunities"; how it affects the investment attractiveness of Ukraine.

They also talked about their personal preparations for the Forum, what they paid attention to, what issues they highlighted during the visit and the insights they were ready to share.

This year Davos was visited by many technology companies. The key topics of the informal platforms were the technological aspects that change the world.

What about Ukraine? It is obvious that people coming to Davos are not interested in the politics and the politicians of Ukraine, despite Ukrainian TV channels focusing on them. In Davos, companies compete to communicate to the business leaders and heads of state that they are the business elite. People are interested to find what the new Ukraine is like. And the new Ukraine is a country of investment opportunities and technological potential.
Three years ago, when I initiated the Ukrainian Davos Nights, the main idea was to introduce Ukraine as a technological country. A very simple thesis: we invest and invite you to join us.

Andriy Kolodyuk
Founder and Managing Partner of AVentures Capital

When we communicate with the representatives of Ukrainian business at home, we always discuss the need to do joint projects to improve the image of Ukraine on the international market.
Ukraine House Davos is such project, it’s aimed at the popularization of our country on the world stage. There’s an opportunity to meet representatives of the international elite here and tell them that Ukraine is not only a country with beautiful women and good food, but also a great platform for investing.

Kira Rudik
COO of Ring Ukraine

Actually, there’s been a joke for some years that the WEF is turning into a technological conference, but it’s true. In Davos, I was invited to the HUMANS 2.0 breakfast organized by The Economist, and it was not surprising, but the discussion at some point was organically directed towards artificial intelligence. This topic was covered at the WEF, and at Ukraine House. Ukraine really has something to share - recently the "AI Industry in Eastern Europe 2018" report was published and our country takes the 3rd place in the region (and in Western Europe) by the number of companies working in this field.
There is no doubt that the Ukraine House itself and all the talks held during the Forum are a "long game". However, during this intense week, a number of important news were announced, and new agreements, I am sure, are not far off.

Olga Afanasyeva
Executive Director of UVCA

Ukraine is known for “brains, hands and grains” and this year we truly showcased our intellectual and investment capacity of Ukraine. We were sincerely glad that the investors got a modern and innovative platform in Davos, where they were able to chat with influential leaders and officials from Europe and the United States, as well as the Middle East, India and Asia. We can talk a lot about improving the investment climate in Ukraine, but when it comes from those who really invest and make a profit, it is much better. It is a signal for the market.

Lenna Koszarny
Founding Partner and CEO of Horizon Capital

Ukraine is often perceived by the world as a country between the western world and Russia. And it is extremely important to change this impression of our country. We, as a company working with foreign investors, consider our mission to be in positioning Ukraine as an attractive country for investment. Ukraine has great intellectual potential and has already got many success stories in the field of innovations and technologies, known all over the world. But we need to tell more. Ukraine House Davos gives an excellent opportunity to declare Ukraine to the whole world.

Andriy Tsymbal
Managing Partner of KPMG Ukraine