Fireside chat with Vitaly G. Golomb. Future of the transport12 Sep 2019

On September 2, a lecture by a member of the Supervisory Board of the Ukrainian Venture and Private Equity Association, Managing Partner at GS Capita, and author of the best-selling book Accelerated Startup Vitaly G. Golomb was held at the1991 Civic Tech Center. The main topic of the meeting was the future of the automotive industry.

About what we talked:

  • Electric vehicle market and everything on the horizon with them.
  • How much longer will we be driving on a regular car?
  • Tesla: Where the industry is heading.
  • Technologies that the next generation needs.
  • Artificial intelligence and how it enhances the tech giants.
  • And getting acquainted with the latest report of the development of the transport industry.

You shouldn't be surprised if you wake up tomorrow and cars will fly by your window like at the Fifth Element movie. Is the future really close and we will have one million electric cars in 2020?
Vitaly identifies two major trends in the development of automotive technology - the development of micro-mobility (electric scooters, electric bicycles and other of this kind) and the creation of solutions that will allow people to move faster.

Why? It's eco-friendly, fast and costs less. Why do you need a car if you can easily and virtually without traffic get from point A to point B on the electric scooter?

Uber, Lyft, Bolt and others are already offering or are working to offer personal rental. All three companies are moving towards being the only entry point. The client enters the app, chooses a route, and the app calculates what it is and how it should get there.

However, for long distances, this is not suitable. Therefore, the idea of high-speed Hyperloop, which connects distant points much faster, becomes more popular.

Transport has a significant impact on global warming, so the rapid transformation of the industry is also caused by the desire to reduce damage to the planet.

You can read the full version of the report at this link.