Business Angels School by Baltic Sandbox and UVCA22 Jul 2021

Why do we even consider investing? Not because we want to feel the pleasure of being an investor, of course, but because we do care about the return on investment. We can always consider investing into real estate with an average of 8-20% return. But what if we tell you that there’s a chance to get 800% and a bigger return? Yes, you’ve heard correctly. Invest into innovation and get more!

Would you invest in UBER, APPLE or Revolut if they would approach you for an Angel investment? Would you be happy being able to exit with a 1000% and bigger multiplier? How to get your hands on promising and world changing ideas? How to spot the best opportunities? And how to grasp a part of Unicorn fame? Join us for a unique Business Angels School!

From old fashion to digital and world changing ideas. Where are the founders that get to the covers of business media? Why do companies with negative profit earn $200M and more in funding? Understand and become a part of tomorrow's best inventions. Learn to become an Angel investor and join the unique club of future visionaries. Join us for a unique Business Angels School presented to you by Baltic Sandbox.

More than 700M of investment combined. More than 3000 startups evaluated. More than 20 various funds managed. That's only a part of what our guests have experienced in their long and EXTREMELY profitable career. Learn from the best. Get the best knowledge and frameworks. Become a part of a unique community that supports promising founders on their journey and win more. Join us for a unique Business Angels School presented to you by Baltic Sandbox.

Would you invest in bitcoin if it would cost only 50 dollars today? Technology evolves at the speed of light. Get to know how to spot the best deals in the startup world. Understand the change. Foster the change. And gain unfair competitive advantage. Become a Professional Business Angel. Join Baltic Sandbox Business Angel School and get the best practices available on the European and American markets. Learn from the best.

5M investment. 58M investment. 302M investment. Series A, Series C, Series G.

One more app that no one needs? How do they even get money if they have never earned anything? Real Estate is THE KING? Many things to discuss, right?

Grab your chance to BE the FIRST to participate in our brand new Business Angels School brought to you by Baltic Sandbox and UVCA, where not only we will explain what's with those million euro investments, but also what is a thing called a startup, how can you eat it and benefit from investing into it.

Designed by investors for investors. Exciting and coveted.

MVP. LTV. CAC. Product-Market Fit. R&D. Best elevator pitch and more keywords come from the unique startup world. And there’s so many various ways to benefit from it. Learn how to become a promising Business Angel. Support early stage founders at the right time and skyrocket your investment’s return. Hands-on practice, real stories, and real people. Designed by investors for investors. Existing and the ones who experienced the most. Join us in the unique Business Angels School.

Who is behind Baltic Sandbox?

  • Diverse and multinational team
  • Experience
  • Success

Baltic Sandbox is a young, but powerful company:

  • Portfolio raises. Acceleration is in our hearts. Why pretend to be able to do everything at once if you can just use our help. Especially, when our portfolio companies are raising their seed investments in less than 12 months* after joining our acceleration program. (that’s in a very pessimistic situation). DM us for more.
  • Vital events. Investment and Networking week is free, but has ever been more profitable! Just last time - 2 startups got offered a term sheet, and one startup raised an amazing seed round. Want to know more - DM us.
  • Over the course of 30 months Baltic Sandbox screened over 1200 startups, invested in 18 early-stage startups, 10 of which raised over €4M in total over the last 18 months and generated over €1.5M in revenue
  • It takes an ecosystem to thrive! You can participate in all of the possible events across the market or you can turn to Baltic Sandbox ecosystem and partners’ family across multiple countries - Poland, Chech Republic, Nordics, Estonia, Latvia, Israel, Lithuania and more. Join our family and benefit from our network instantly!

Our power is our mentors:

  • Use your chance to learn from industry experts. At Baltic Sandbox, we invite you to learn from our partners from HTTPOOL, an agency that is a direct representative of such social networks as: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Spotify, TikTok. And yes, they do share those hidden tips and tricks that only the best experts know and use.
  • Lithuania is the only country that build such a significant presence in the field of #Fintech. There’s a reason for that! Learn from the key people in the ecosystem from the Bank of Lithuania, Revolut (leading Fintech unicorn), Ondato (leading KYC solution for fintech), Fintech Hub LT managers and more.
  • Performance marketing can sound a bit cheesy, but what it actually means - is to win out of the simple digital decisions. Or use the shortcuts that our partners at Evolvery can provide.
  • Join our acceleration program for a chance to listen to direct representatives on LinkedIn and learn from the biggest mistakes they have helped to solve.
  • Can you appear in the next The New York Times or the Guardian article? We will introduce you to the master-jedi of the PR world, especially in the Startup World - Julija JJ Jegorova, founder & CEO at the Black Unicorn PR! JJ is a trained journalist and counts with over a decade of experience in Public Relations and communications, and has worked both in-house and agency-side internationally.
  • People with hands-on experience. Check the wide list of our mentors here. These are real people, with real experience, real failures, and real knowledge. Join our events and get to know people from Telia, Tesonet, Swedbank, Revolut, Citybee, Google, Ergo insurance group, Inspired UM, Synthesis consulting group and many many more.
  • No bullshit policy - everyone is here not because they want to earn from you, but because they want to help you. Learn how you can make problems your opportunities.