4th Batch of Aid for Ukrainian Startups Is Here!04 Jul 2022

4th batch of aid for Ukrainian startups is here!

The Committee of the "Support Ukrainian Startups NOW" Program has chosen new projects to receive grants.

This time Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (UVCA) and FREE Ukraine Foundation did it together with Ukraine-Luxembourg Business Club (ULBC).

Ukraine-Luxembourg Business Club (ULBC) was founded by Evgenia Paliy, Arnaud Lumet, and Maria Dobrostamat in 2017. ULBC organized business forums such as Tech Forum, Agri Forum, and Industry Forum.

Ukraine-Luxembourg Business Club (ULBC) raised €18,000 at a charity art auction for the cause.

In parallel, French painter Rémi Bertoche engaged in a "live" painting on-site. Later in the evening, the painting was auctioned for €4,000 to be donated fully to the cause of the event.

✔️ The 4th batch of aid of approximately $5,000 each will go to 7 Ukrainian startups continuing to work in the country:

🏆 IMAGENERIA - the first platform for distributed 3D printing production for consumer brands;

🏆 Vetonline.pro - a service of quick vet advice anytime from anywhere;

🏆 Black Mark Ammo - innovations in ammunition production;

🏆 QuBot - an automated service that customers can communicate with using a button-based interface, free text input, or voice;

🏆 Carbominer - capturing and selling CO2 from the air;

🏆 AID Monitor - accessible and transparent system of providing and accounting for humanitarian aid;

🏆 Knowledgator Engineering - life sciences data analytics company.

✔️ The Program Committee includes:

Andrey Kolodyuk, Free Ukraine Foundation

Dmytro Kuzmenko, UVCA CEO

Rostyslav Chayka, founder&CEO Lviv startup club and Edunomica

Vita Kravchuk, the Founders League

Maxim Moneta, Founder Institute Ukraine

🎯 Join the Program and support the Ukrainian economy: https://bit.ly/3ubsjkk

We are grateful to our sponsors and we will be able to give more grants away with new rounds of donations!

Among the first sponsors of the Program are: Altair Capital, Almaz Capital, and a few tech companies and entrepreneurs from the USA.

❗ We welcome new sponsors because the Program needs continuous support!

Support us here:

Bank: KBC Bank

Bank Address: Havenlaan 2 - 1080 Brussels - Belgium


Address of Free Ukraine Foundation: Essenlaan 8 - 2940 Hoevenen

IBAN: BE75 7330 6477 8751


Reference: Support Ukrainian Startups

To get exclusive interviews with the founders, please contact Elena Spiridonova at pm@uvca.eu.

Learn more about Ukraine-Luxembourg Business Club: https://bit.ly/3OGfBlq

Full info about the charity auction held by the Ukraine-Luxembourg Business Club: https://bit.ly/3ujpsWc