“The Ukraine Redevelopment and Recovery plan” will be discussed in Davos18 May 2022

On May 25, alongside the World Economic Forum, for the initiative of Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (UVCA), a Round Table will be held. It is aiming to find investment opportunities for Ukraine redevelopment.

Andriy Kolodyuk, the Сhairman of the UVCA Supervisory Board, together with global institutional investors will discuss the implementation of «The Ukraine Redevelopment and Recovery plan», preliminary estimated at a $1 trillion investment opportunity.

The Ukraine Redevelopment and Recovery Task Force initiated by UVCA is open to all stakeholders from all industry sectors and countries of the world who have supported and continue to support Ukraine and want to actively participate in projects that can save lives, stop the chaos, and promote conditions for further development today.

Stay tuned!