Digitalisation: How to succeed with cross-border cooperation?28 Sep 2017

UVCA invites to join Norwegian-Ukrainian event during the Oslo innovation week.

Ukraine and Norway have an innovative and vibrant ICT-sector offering solutions which have the potential to enhance productive and provide better services in public and private sector. Ukraine has the largest information technology labour force in Europe, which in cooperation with partners internationally develop and deliver innovative software solutions to the world. This opens for new business opportunities and cooperation between the two countries.

Outcome for the participants:

  • Gain insights into risks and benefits from outsourcing and cross-border cooperation in ICT
  • Increased knowledge on how to succeed with outsourcing and cross-border cooperation in ICT
  • Meet ICT-providers, both outsourcing and product companies. Get information about what they can offer

There will also be time to meet and mingle, to discuss your own business case with other participants.

Whom we're looking for: Ukrainian IT (ICT) company and you are interested in Norwegian market. There are two types of attendance:

  • You can have your own stand during the conference to pay more attention to your startup
  • Just visiting conference for meetings and networkings

The preference goes to outsourcing Ukrainian companies looking for European clients.

Innovation is increasingly based on digital technologies and business models. These technologies and solutions are developed in a global market. Exploring the opportunities in new markets and knowing how to utilize them can bring great benefit.

Outsourcing to other countries are a strategy for firms to reduce costs and access the right competence. Many Norwegian companies have succeeded with engaging IT-specialists in Ukraine, India and Poland. There are also examples of outsourcing projects that has not lived up to the expectations.

The digital development means that companies in most industries will need IT-expertise in the future. According to ICT-Norway member survey, shortage in IT-specialist are already today the largest impediment to growth. As the need for IT-expertise increases, engaging IT-specialist from countries with a large pool of IT-specialists, like Ukraine, might be one way for Norwegian companies access the right competence.

We invite you to two panel debates on outsourcing and how to get it right. In the first panel, leading politicians, experts and business leaders with will share their view on outsourcing. Some of the questions we are raising are:

  • Can outsourcing to countries like Ukraine be a good way to ensure IT-competence?
  • What are the risks and opportunities involved?

Among the participants are Heidi Austlid, CEO ICT-Norway and Arne Mjøs, founder and ceo of Itera.

In the second panel, you will gain insights into how you can successfully engage ICT-specialists in countries like Ukraine. You will also gain insights into the opportunities into one of Europe’s emerging ICT- and outsourcing destinations. Some of the questions we are asking are:

  • How to succeed with outsoursing and cross-border cooperation in ICT?
  • How to tackle cultural differences?
  • How to find a reliable partner?

To share their experience we have Jeanette Louise Rønne, business controller at Evry and Olga Afanasyeva, CEO of Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association.

There will also be a reception and B2B session, where you can meet representatives from leading Norwegian and Ukrainian ICT businesses. This is a good chance to get an overview over the market and what different ICT suppliers are offering. To ensure you get the meetings you want, you can book upfront.

There will be plenty of time to meet and mingle, to discuss your own business case with business representatives from Norway and Ukraine and other participants. We are offering Ukrainian delicacies.

Please contact and to participate or in case you have any questions.

Organisers: Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (NUCC), Oslo International House (OIH) and Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association from Ukraine (UVCA).