Unique business platform to bring top European investors to Sofia and Warsaw in JuneJun 11 - 13, 2018

The Eastern Europe Tech Tour 2018 gives a real chance for funding to the best innovation companies in the region.

Unique platform of business events will bring top European Venture Capital investors to Sofia and Warsaw. The Eastern Europe Tech Tour 2018 (EETT) gives a real chance for funding to the best innovation companies in the region. This is the first edition of the Tour and it will take place on 11-12 June in Warsaw, Poland and on 12-13 June in Sofia, Bulgaria.

EETT 2018 is organised by Tech Tour, with initial support of Almaz Capital. The main goal is helping entrepreneurs and investors work together and realise their full journey of innovation, from the initial concept all the way through to valuation.

Eastern Europe is especially chosen this year for the prestigious event. The region is realising one of the highest economic growth and that also generated $5 billion in liquidity back to investors in the past few years.

The Eastern Europe Tech Tour 2018 will showcase a total of 30 of the most promising high technology companies – 15 from the region of Central Eastern Europe: Poland (as a host country), Belarus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Ukraine; and 15 from the region of South Eastern Europe: Bulgaria (as a host country), Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia (FYROM), Moldova and Montenegro.

Over 200 companies will go through a rigorous review process and be assessed based on the uniqueness of their technology, the strength of their business model, vision, capability to execute on the business plan, and the quality and track record of their management. The selected entrepreneurial companies will present their business to an invited delegation of 40 international investors, active in the region as well as 40 local investors and regional key players.

The selection process will be led by a Selection CommitteeSelection Committee that unites leading international investors and senior business leaders among which Alexander Galitsky, co-founder and managing partner of Almaz Capital, Evgeny Angelov of Postscriptum Ventures, Pavel Bogdanov of Almaz Capital and Marcin Hejka, Founding Partner at OTB Ventures.

The application deadline for companies interested in the event is up to 13 April 2018.
The earlybird registration deadline for the event passes is up to 12 April 2018.
The official language of the Eastern Europe Tech Tour 2018 is English.

All media representatives can attend the event free of charge. For registration via email, please contact hhristov@techtour.com up to 11 June 2018 for Warsaw and up to 12 June for Sofia.

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