UVCA jointly with KPMG will hold an event on Fintech09 Nov 2018

We are pleased to announce "Fintech as a key factor for the financial system transformation" event jointly organized by UVCA & KPMG on November 30, 2018.

New technologies transforming the financial system are growing at a huge pace all over the world. This sphere becomes more and more important in Ukraine and requires proper development.

During the event, we want to discuss the following key issues:

Panel 1: Legal framework & Malta case as the most advanced and favorable legislation related to fintech/ICO/crypto
Legislation in Malta and Ukraine. Potential Fintech market development in Ukraine.

Panel 2: Contribution of large companies to the development of Fintech in Ukraine
How large corporations work with and implement fintech initiatives.

Panel 3: Ukraine’s Fintech – development and successful case studies
How the fintech market in Ukraine changed over the past years.

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Address: BC “Senator”, 32/2 Moskovska Street, 16th floor

We look forward to seeing you at the event!